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  • Ella permanecio a mi lado durante todo el proceso.

    She remained by my side during the entire process.

         Christian Y. Alvarez es una excellente abogada. Ella es muy dedicada en sus casos de immigracion. Mi caso en particular era muy dificil pero ella permanecio a mi lado durante todo el proceso. Christian fue muy diligente con mi caso. Yo me senti muy confiada al tener una abogada extremadamente persistente en litigios de inmigracion. Estoy muy satisfecha y agradecida por los frutos de su trabajo. Sinceramente recomiendo a la abogada Christian Y. Alvarez. Ella hara todo en su alcanze para resolver su problema de inmigracion.
    Christian Y. Alvarez is an excellent lawyer. She is very dedicated to her immigration cases. My case, in particular, was difficult but she remained by my side during the entire process. Christian was very diligent with my case. She's very trustworthy and I am thankful for her persistence when dealing with immigration. I am very satisfied and grateful for all her work. I highly recommend Christian Y. Alvarez. She will do everything needed to resolve your immigration problem.
    – C. Tejeda
  • La mejor de todos los abogados.

         Mi familia y yo, recordaremos a la abogada Christian Y. Alvarez por siempre con mucho carino. Excelente como profesional y como ser humano. Con su basto conocimiento en temas de inmigracion, encontro la mejor manera para resolver el caso de mi tio, en el menor tiempo posible. Una persona super amable, con la que en todo momento puedes dialogar directamente, sin intermediarios. Resumiendo, una abogada que realmente se preocupa y lucha por tu caso como si fueras parte de su familia.
    – Yury (AVVO)
  • She is extremely thorough, personable and patient.

         I can't recommend Christian's work enough. She is extremely thorough, personable and patient. She was able to turn my case around in under a week, and always had time for whatever questions, queries or conundrums I threw at her. She always put my mind at ease. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for immigration help.
    – Madeleine (AVVO)
  • A happy new citizen!

         Christian was recommended to me by a friend, and I'm glad I took his advice and went to see her for a consultation. Aside from having a wonderful personality, she knows what she's doing, and will prepare you for anything that may come up. My citizenship case went flawlessly thanks to her preparation of me, and being there whenever I had questions or concerns. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks for everything, Christian!
    – Engin Beri (Google)
  • She goes above and beyond for her clients.

         Christian is the best immigration lawyer out there!! She is extremely informative and made the entire visa process as stress free and easy as possible. I have used her a couple of times and every time has been a pleasure. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Highly recommended!
    – M. Kent (Google+)
  • They are very professional.

         They are very professional. They help us a lot thank you very much.
    – A. Dalkilic (Facebook)
  • This lawyer really knows immigration!

         It seems that there is not a question that Christian cannot answer! She is very knowledgeable in immigration law; I trust her advice completely. On top of her knowledge, skill and smarts, she is a passionate advocate and will stand by you, doing everything in her power to get you the results you want! I very strongly recommend Christian.
    – Diana (AVVO)
  • Contacting Lawyer Alvarez was extremely easy.

         Contacting Lawyer Alvarez was extremely easy as she answered her phone personally. Making the appointment for a consultation was hassle free. Her knowledge related to Immigration law is superior and she clarified all my questions without delay. I highly recommend her services.
    – Daniel (AVVO)
  • Excellent Lawyer!

         Attorney Alvarez was very sweet and honest with me about my husband's waiver case. We liked the fact that she was not pushing us to do anything and was very detailed in all the steps without feeling rushed. After our first appointment which was more than an hour long I knew she would take her time with our case. I was glad we trusted her as we just got a notice that his waiver was approved and are looking forward to calling her again for the citizenship in the future.
    – Martha (AVVO)
  • Quiero Ser Ciudadano!!!

         La abogada fue referida a mi por parte de un amigo que tambiin trabajo con ella. Estuve muy satisfecho con su trabajo ya que siempre me comunique directamente con ella y nadie mas. Me ayudo hacerme ciudadano y ahora estoy pidiendo a mis padres.
    – Homero (AVVO)
  •  I now understand what needs to be done.

         Thank you for answering my questions regarding citizenship for my grandmother. I now understand what needs to be done-Highly Recommend
    – S. Guzman (Facebook)
  • Christian Alvarez is the best!

         Christian Alvarez is the best! She made the entire process of getting a green card so easy. I would highly recommend her.
    – M. Mathur (Google+)