Initial Consultation Policy

Our office is aware of the need for initial intimidation-free consultations so that individuals are educated about their legal options. Therefore, we inform you of our policy so that you are better prepared.

Our office has consultations Monday through Thursday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Fridays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The best way to make an appointment is to call our office at (646) 453-7722  to see what days and hours we have available in our calendar. If you wish, you can also send a text to our office number with the day and time you want to come and someone from our office will call you to confirm if that day and time are available.

The initial consultation (case evaluation)  has a cost of $150 dollars and are complete evaluations of your case. The consultations of professional visas (H-1B) or requests by employer (PERM) are priced at $ 250 since they are more complex cases and require very technical information and a longer consultation.

Your consultation can be in person or by phone. Both have the same cost and you will receive a written evaluation of your case analysis. If your consult is by phone, you need to pay the consultation fee 24 hours before your appointment time.

We do not open on weekends. If you absolutely require an appointment on Saturday or Sunday and one of the attorneys can accommodate you, your consultation will be $ 350 to pay 3 days before the appointment. This is because someone will come to the office in overtime just to see you.

The initial consultation depends on your case but we allot for the consult to last up to one hour. If more time is required and there is availability we will see you for longer.

You must bring any document relevant to your case including your passport, birth certificate, identification and any document you have from a previous case that you had with immigration.

In the first consultation, the lawyer will give you an outline of your case and give you an idea of what your case will require. You will not start your case or fill out a contract on your case evaluation appointment.

If you have lost these documents, the lawyer can order a copy of your file from the different immigration agencies. You can talk to her about your case, but the legal advice may be incomplete.

If after your first appointment you need to continue contacting one of the lawyers, you have the right to call the office or send us your question in text within one week of your initial consultation. If the question is short and relevant to your case, then there is no problem and we can talk to you without having to make a second appointment. If your question is very complex or you have new documents to analyze, we may ask you to come to a second appointment.

Yes! If you hire us within 30 days of your initial consultation the cost of your consultation will be credited towards the initial deposit to begin your case.

Our office time has to be carefully scheduled since we are a small but very dedicated legal team. When the lawyers are not in consultations they are working diligently on cases, in court, or informing the community of their rights. Again, the quality standards of our office are very high and to make sure that your evaluation is done correctly and in detail it is necessary to make an appointment and have adequate time to answer your questions.

We inform you that our offices in Times Square, Manhattan are very small and do not accommodate more than 2 people in the initial consultation. If your children can sit in the waiting area there is no problem. Just keep in mind that we are not responsible for any accident they may have. Additionally, if your children are very young or cry this may distract you from what we have to tell you.

We are located in Times Square, Manhattan on 1460 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

Please note the entrance to the building is on 41st street. When you enter please log in on the ipads in the lobby and type that you are here to see Christian Y. Alvarez Law.

If you are taking the Subway: Take any train that gets to Times Square or Bryant Park.
If you are coming from New Jersey: you can take any bus that drops you off at Port Authority or the PATH train station.
If you are coming from Upstate New York and taking the METRO NORTH: you can stop at Grand Central and walk to our office (about a 10 minute walk)

Streetside parking is difficult to find in Times Square during daytime hours. There are parking garages available nearby where you can pay by the hour. We suggest you take public transportation if you want to save on the parking rates or see if you can find a parking coupon online. If you park without a coupon parking costs can be around $50 or even higher.

In Summary

We invite you to come and meet us to find out what options are in your case. If we take your case, our office is committed to fighting with you and doing everything possible to make your case successful.