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Denise Herrera

Denise Herrera is currently enrolled in the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a focus on child welfare.

While working at the Law Office of Christian Y. Alvarez under the
mentorship of attorneys Ms.Alvarez and Ms.Salazar, Denise assists in research on complex asylum cases and diverse legal matters.

Denise is a Bronx New York native and a proud Mexican-American born to immigrant parents. Growing up in a diverse immigrant community, she has experienced first hand the struggles of immigrants like her parents trying to build a better life for their family and children, with little access to resources and guidance. These experiences inspired and motivated her to pursue a career in social work and help others.

Denise has a particular focus on the struggles of vulnerable immigrant children, who often live with a stigmatized identity of being the ‘outsiders’, as they struggle to adapt to a new culture by learning a new language and new social norms.

Realizing the harsh reality of how anti-immigrant policies affect the immigrant population psychologically and sociologically, Denise has decided to pursue a degree in immigration law and to then combine her social work skills and legal expertise to effectively represent and provide resources to immigrant families in the United States.

Alejandro Ponce

Alejandro Ponce, originally from Los Angeles, California, is a graduate of Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado with a double major in political science and history. Also, while in college he also ran track & field specializing in the 400 meters. In Denver, Colorado, he gained over 5 years experience as an immigration paralegal having worked on diverse immigration cases such as, family petitions, family based adjustment, provisional waivers, naturalization, and U-Visa. A recent addition to the Law Office of Christian Alvarez as well as a recent transplant to New York City, he plans to continue his education and pursue a law degree in the near future. In his spare time he enjoys an active lifestyle partaking in sports, seeking the best live jazz, museums, and of course the sights on New York.

Christian Y Alvarez Law

Alejandro Ponce
(646) 453-7722


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